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Another "Sister Game" Idea: Empty Another "Sister Game" Idea:

Post  Blastburn on June 3rd 2010, 6:00 pm

Sooo i was just randomly thinking the other day and i figured i'd bring this up. The topic "Mars Needs Women" spurred an interesting idea what if there were a "dating sim" -"Ero-Game" where you're a traveler going from world to world finding these women on various planets to bring back for whatever purpose. (could go with a gender-switched idea so.. sorta like a King Ant breeds with the girls and thereby keeps producing people for your world?) and its YOUR job to find a suitable breeding partner. Meaning you get to do whatever you want to them just as long as you bring the best back to the king within _____ amount of time.

alternate ending could be you became so strong you were able to overthrow the old king and you broguth the girls from the various worlds in to be your harem.

just saying

Another "Sister Game" Idea: DisorganizedChaos

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