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Post  Magyc on March 8th 2010, 10:17 pm

I enjoy this game, but i enjoy the more challenging start on hard then Late Game.

In my personal opinion the end of the game lacks enjoyment because once your set up making a decent profit you just go blow shit loads of money on every girl you can find, then you just spam click next day for the last 100 turns because the is nothing else to do except watch your money climb

There needs to be some form of government Tax on prostitution. weather it starts of really small at the start and gradually increases or if in some point in the game there is an event. The government decide that prostitution is getting bigger and needs to be Taxed, in turn reducing the money you make each turn by 20% or even 50%.

I also don't like the fact that its easy to get every single girl to work in your brothel in one play through, it should be more challenging and require the user to play a number of times, buying different girls each time if s/he would like to see the pictures and stats associated with each girl.


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Post  Blastburn on March 9th 2010, 9:45 am

If there was a tax on prostitution it would logically increase the more prositutes you got in your brothel.

Just the same though it may be a monthly tax from some "corrupt Official" who you could also bribe if you dont have the money to pay the tax.

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