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Post  fred u derf on May 23rd 2010, 12:18 pm


Here is an update of the haXe (flash) prototype of version 2 of the game:


would appreciate any comments you might have about this prototype.

Here are the Release Notes for this version:


Release notes for the 2010.05.23 version of SimBrothel v2 (haXe for Flash)

Bug Fixes / Feature Additions:

1. implemented the game Save/Load capability.

2. screen sized at 800x600, GUI elements are no longer clipped.

3. added ability to load a user customized game control file (control
file format is essentially the same as the saved game file format).

4. able to advance multiple days via a single click of the "Next Day"
button. is controlled under the Preferences menu item.

5. other small cosmetic fixes too numerous to mention (well actually I
can not remember what I did ;-)

Known Problems / Issues:

1. Text Field Input Bug: sometimes it is very hard to get a textual
field to realize that the cursor is in the field and so typed input
characters get ignored. I have no work around for this bug.

2. Table Selection Bug: in the Girl browser, when viewing the girls As
Table, and sorting by one of the characteristics (e.g. clicking a
column's title); if you select a Girl by double clicking her in the
table and then change the characteristic that the table was sorting
on (e.g. buy/sell, or earnings, or location), then when going back to
the table view, the table is not properly updated, the first girl you
mouse over will be automatically selected. You will need to close the
Girl browser and re-open it.

3. Image Resizing: most of the images are not resized to fit within
their display area. this is not a problem for most images because
their native size appears to be compatible with the screen sizing I
have chosen -- but a few of the images get clipped around the edges.

4. Goddess building style has no effect (probably many other styles are
also ineffective).

5. the Take a Walk location selection panel should have a Cancel button.

Future / On-Going Feature Additions (in no particular order):

a. Loan Processing.

b. History log view.

c. Building Upgrades and Damage.

d. the Store (for buying training and other useful stuff)

e. move all text data that is displayed to the game player into external
file(s). intent is to enable translation to other languages. also
need to add a language selection panel at the beginning of the game.

f. add age verification panel at the beginning of the game.

g. encrypt all of the images (avoid scandalizing young prying eyes).

h. use a 2 stage loader so that the first stage can use cryptographic
techniques in order to verify the integrity of the game in the second
stage (trying to prevent some idiot from injecting a virus into the

i. migrate as much of the game rules to the external game control file
as is possible (so people may customize their own version of the

j. permit game re-configuration when viewing the Gallery at the
beginning of the game to:

j.1. add/remove girls
j.2. add/remove buildings
j.3. add/remove missions, jokers, ....whatever
j.4. alter the initial values of game's parameters

k. move Mission and Boss Skill descriptions from the GUI resource
file to the game control file (so that they may be customized).

l. biorhythms (will need the age of each girl...).

m. version 3 girl characteristics.

n. the current game control file is way tooooo monolithic, need way to
split it up into smaller chunks.

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