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Maybe Some Gijinka? Empty Maybe Some Gijinka?

Post  Vava on May 23rd 2013, 5:36 pm

I'll bet I caught some unwanted attention and aggression with that title. ^_^;

Before anyone jumps to any conclusions, let me explain what it is that I meant. I had been looking over the list of Girls at one time when something clicked inside, and I realized just how many characters made a habit of hunting and/or capturing and/or taming various forms of monsters. This got me to wondering if there could be some shape or way that this could be utilized during gameplay, and, keeping the spirit of Mioya in mind (you guys know what I mean), I wanted to throw a suggestion out there for the allotment of capturing these monsters whilst they are given an a more human image.

Let me say two things about this. One: I do not necessarily mean "furry" when I state this. From what I understand, the term 'gijinka' appears to typically refer to something that more closely leans towards our "99% human" rule. Regardless of how human or inhuman they would appear, there is something else to this suggestion: these monster-gijinkas are not Girls and thus cannot perform the 'usual' brothel work (and thus have no such images included). While some may meet the 99% rule and might even possess a level of intelligence close to or greater than that of humans, I would not consider them to truly be actual characters, either, and thus I would personally not consider any of them eligible for the Girl List.

With that straightened out, I would like to explain how I see this functioning from a slightly more mechanical point of view (remember, this is just an idea I'm throwing out and nothing concrete). Certain girls would come with a unique Trait attached to them; for the sake of simplicity, let's call it Tamer. Tamer Girls would have a unique, optional assignment similar to Take a Walk, but, instead of the normal events and encounters, they would instead have a chance at finding and capturing a monster, spending a little of their Morale in order to do so. They won't be guaranteed to find any, but, should they find a monster, they will perform two contested checks against it: a Constitution check to see if they can manage to subdue it and a Charisma check to see if they can tame it respectively, the difficulty of the checks varying depending on the monster and its rarity. Failing the Constituion check would result in a greater loss of Morale, succeeding the Constitution check but failing the Charisma check will result in a small but fair monetary gain, and succeeding both checks will result in capturing the monster.

Once acquired, there are a number of uses the monster could possibly serve. I believe some good suggestions for this are:

• Selling it for significantly more money than you would get for just defeating it (possibly with a slight gain to the Girl's Reputation, as well).
• Expending the monster as a one-time-use item or Summon.
• Acting as a piece of equipment (being assigned to a Girl to alter or improve her Stats or maybe even grant a special quality).
• Being traded for an item or piece of equipment (especially unique ones).

Now, I understand that this suggestion would just be another bit of icing on the proverbial cake, so I know that this should not take priority nor is it essential to include. I submit this idea in the hopes of adding a small, unique touch to the game while simultaneously aware that such features, if made too numerable or too complex, would bog down the game with an increasingly irritating level of micromanagement, something I think we all want to avoid.

Questions? Comments? Opinions? Suggestions?

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