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Post  chocolatemouse on June 12th 2010, 5:01 pm

First i would like to grats on the job done on this project.

i think that the game is at a crossway, it should focus really on the brothel owner, allowing a name, proper caracteritics and history.
A system a bit as slave maker 3 but focused on the heroine more with encounters and places where to learn or socialize or to explore.
About the girls i not really see interest of caracteritics as pokemon or else as fetishs.

As the game will progress histories, events for them could be an idea, as for the owner.The quest side could be more as an rpg, princess maker one.
I know everyone ask you something, theses are hints for future , not things to do immediatly, even if it would be easier to now think about it.
My main question would be about which system , platform did you used for doing the game, as i think to do my own games and as perhaps too could i be of help.

Thanks , nose kiss


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