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Post  Vava on June 15th 2011, 10:46 pm

I've been aware of Asterotte's Toy, but only the 'Asterotte' part as the katakana is the same as that used for 'Astarte' (Thank you, Pixiv, for broadening my horizons through artist-submitted hentai. *salutes*). Speaking of which, if I haven't mentioned it in a post, somewhere, I think Astaroth may need to be renamed to Astarte.


Maybe. It's up for debate.

On topic, I don't know what's been up with me. I've been finding difficulty in posting when I need to, and there's so much doubt behind my choices that I feel that I need to explain myself more thoroughly than necessary... Would you believe the next thing I wanted to type was "I also have a bad habit of repeating myself?" *facepalm*

Anyway, I think I'll take your suggestion for returning to explaining my choices in one to two sentences (though I think I may have to force myself to) and for me to include the little Synopsis bit I used to do. As for why I'm using numbers and not just naming off the stat ranges... I believe it's a result of my perceptions of past experiences on the other forum and in my interactions with others elsewhere. Besides, even though I had not originally considered it, Fred did bring up the point that the range scale could be changed to suit our needs.

... Aaaaand, there's the doubt. I don't know exactly what I'm trying to say, anymore, and the words just won't sort themselves out...

Since this post would be rather empty without some submissions, time for some copypasta.

Vava wrote:Name: Karen Erra
Type: Elf/Fighter (Due to their physical appearances, I'm placing the newman characters as Elves. As for the Fighter Type, I wasn't entirely sure what it entitled; in this case, I was thinking of her in-game class.)
Charisma: Average (50) (Her appearance was fair, and she was neither charming nor off-putting.)
Sex: Low (35) (This seemed to fit her no-nonsense attitude and lifestyle to me.)
Constitution: Average (55) (A Hunter-class Guardian, no doubt, but still a newman, which aren't very tough physically.)
Obedience: Average (50) (She follows orders from superiors well enough, but I wouldn't describe her as submissive.)
Morale: Average (50) (So-so morale.)
Refinement: Average (45) (She's not classy, but she isn't crude.)
Management: Coach/Goal Orientated/Uniform Standard (All of these seemed to reflect her training of Ethan and Hyuga at the beginning of the game to me, so...)
Theme(s): Empowered (Definitely not a shrinking violet. She had also cracked down on a lot of illegal marketing prior to the main story.)
Trait(s):[/b] Limber (All I could think of was Limber, which is more than fitting for newman characters.)
Special: Ideas - (1) Early enrollment in Guardians (2) Twin sister to the Divine Maiden (Mirei Mikuna) of Gurhal (3) She was to be sacrificed to strengthen the powers of the Divine Maiden. However, the ritual was foiled, and Mirei instead sacrificed her life to save Karen. In order to prevent the Gurhal system from learning of the tragic news, Karen disguised herself as Mirei and took her place as the Divine Maiden.

Synopsis: At the least, she could serve as adequate filler.

Name: Chelsea (No last name. CASTs don't really take up last names, normally.)
Type: Buxom Babe/Exotic/Homunculus (CASTs are artificial physically, and her bust is literally the first thing the game shows you of her. Exotic fits somewhat; I can't describe how she appears, but her heavy accent (exaggerated Beijing accent in Japanese, exaggerated French accent in English) seems to fit the bill. I was originally thinking of including Entertainer, but I don't think that could apply to a bar hostess.)
Charisma: High (80) (Ridiculously charming in both her personality and her physical appeal. She's also very persuasive, though most of the time it usually includes a politely worded, somewhat vague threat. <.<)
Sex: Low (30) (I've been under the impression that she doesn't concern herself too much with this. "I said 'no touching'" is seriously one of her combat lines.)
Constitution: Average (55) (So-so. It would be higher if she were still practicing a military lifestyle.)
Obedience: High (65) (For some strange reason, the most badass CAST in the Gurhal system insists on being a hostess. Serving orders instead of making them or something like that, I dunno.)
Morale: High (65) (I don't think she ever stopped looking on the bright side for a second throughout the majority of the game.)
Refinement: Average (55) (She struck me as having a class act, but certainly not one that you could compare to (respectable) nobility.)
Management: Agent/People Person/Well Respected (How many times must I see this combination in my head? T.T)
Theme(s): Empowered (Simply put, don't mess with Chelsea.)
Trait(s): Experience, Friendly, Happy, Ladylike, Love Machine, Morning Person, Smart, Smile (No, I'm not kidding. I'm pretty sure she qualifies for all this.)
Special: Ideas - (1) She collects certifications in the game as a hobby. To the player's knowledge, she's currently a registered tea coordinator, nutritionist, hair stylist, midwife (she -really- wants to put this to use, apparently), beautician, nurse, jewelry coordinator, nail stylist, Neudaizese interpreter, medical clerk, cellular analyst, and dance instructor. I imagine this coming into play as her randomly learning Traits or even acquiring some extra Themes. (2) She was a bar hostess before becoming Little Wing's receptionist, and she plans on one day opening a bar of her own. All while remaining as the Little Wing receptionist. (3) In one of the side stories, you find out that she can speak normally... in a harsh, militaristic dialect. Again, don't mess with Chelsea. (4) Did I mention she only needs 40 minutes of down time per day?

Synopsis: Definitely a high-tier character if you consider the long list of traits and her hobby of collecting certificates.

Name: Emilia Percival
Type: None (I would have originally put Mage, but, since Vanguard is technically a little of every class, I would also have to consider her a Fighter. I would say she possesses qualities similar to a Fighter or a Mage, but not quite enough of either, you know?)
Charisma: Low (30) (Rather brash and childish most of the time.)
Sex: Average (45) (... Probably personal prejudice, here.)
Constitution: Average (45) (She's a bit lazy at first, but she isn't unfit.)
Obedience: Average (50) (She works, but she can sure grumble about it.)
Morale: Low (30) (She has confidence and abandonment issues for a majority of the game.)
Refinement: Low (35) (Like I said, she's brash and childish most of the time.)
Management: Goal Orientated (She's an "I'll do it, but I won't like it" sort of character.)
Theme(s): None (Nothing seemed to fit.)
Trait(s): Experience, Lucky, Smart (Experience and Smart fall under her 'child prodigy' aspect. Lucky is explained under Special.)
Special: Ideas - (1) It is revealed early on in the game that an Ancient's consciousness dwells within Emilia. This consciousness, named Mika, repaired her body and brought her back from death three years prior to the game events, and does likewise for you after the introduction stage. (2) 'Child prodigy' fails to describe the super computer that is Emilia. Her brain can outperform any computer system in the game. (3) Apparently, Lou's design was based off of some scribbles that Emilia drew when she was younger. <.<

Synopsis: Something feels wrong about making a main character as low-tier as this... I'm pretty sure something can be added to her to make her lean more towards mid.

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Post  alasdair69 on June 16th 2011, 10:14 am

Vava wrote:I've been aware of Asterotte's Toy, but only the 'Asterotte' part as the katakana is the same as that used for 'Astarte' (Thank you, Pixiv, for broadening my horizons through artist-submitted hentai. *salutes*). Speaking of which, if I haven't mentioned it in a post, somewhere, I think Astaroth may need to be renamed to Astarte.
I think we'll stick with Astaroth, actually. I'm well aware that she owes more to the Phoenician goddess Astarte appearance and personality-wise, as well as the fact that the Hebraic/Kabbalistic demon Astaroth derives his name from her by way of the Canaanite Ashtoreth (comparative religious study is something of a passion of mine and almost all demons started out as someone's gods if you trace it back far enough). However, the kanji used in the Shinra-Bansho character's name
(アスタロット, pronounced Asutarotto) make it clear that 'Ashtaroth' is the nearest Romanization to how it's supposed to be pronounced and that's how she's listed on all the pic sites that I've run across in my searches.

As for the rest, all I can say is relax and stop overthinking it so much. Sure, we all want to make SimBro the best it can be but at the end of the day it's still just a game and we should be having as much fun working on it as we eventually will playing it. I can tell that you know what you're doing and your instincts are usually spot-on, the evidence for that is all over both forums, so just go with the flow and let the magic happen. If you try too hard and start second-guessing everything you do, you just end up trapping yourself in a sucking quagmire of self-doubt and frustration and nothing gets accomplished. And wasn't it you who said you'd rather be making some progress than none at all? Smile

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Post  Joshua on June 17th 2011, 2:52 pm

well i dont think its fair to pull out the KOS-MOS card (at least this early could have waited.) vava Selvaria is at least somewhat human but still rather overpowered non the less.

as for Vavas rydia assessment, i was thinking that maybe raise her obedience a bit (since when she grows up she stops blaming Kain and Cecil for the destruction) but then i remembered that she and Rosa hid aboard the lunar whale towards the end of the game. (offended that the males told the two ladies to stay behind) other then that I'm not too sure my ff4 memory is hazy.

sorry im stuck readying for summer finals so i may or may not post more.

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Fleshing Out the Girls - Page 2 Empty Re: Fleshing Out the Girls

Post  Vava on June 19th 2011, 8:04 pm

I was actually disappointed in myself for only being able to think of KOS-MOS at the time, but all I was trying to get at was that there are going to be plenty of girls with ungodly amounts of power. Looking back at the list, my eyes are fixed on Arcueid of Tsukihime; I don't know how I could have forgotten about her, being the counter to fallen True Ancestors and Dead Apostles and all. >.> And, yeah, both of those events took place in FF4. To be fair, I think she had stopped blaming Cecil and Kain before her trip to the LoS, and I always found the stowing away event as less of an act of disobedience and more of an act of selflessness (let's face it, trudging through the Lunar Ruins without either of them can only be described as suicide). I also thought I had something to support the Astarte vs. Astaroth concern of mine (namely, a screencap of Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin's boss, Astarte, with her name written in katakana), but I must have either imagined it or it's become a bit harder to find online. Besides, I might as well drop it since most people know her by the romanization of Astaroth, anyway (especially as a vague joke using a character of the same name from Soul Calibur ("What?! You, fapping to me?! Curs!")).

So, anyway, after going back over that one suggestion thread I got started on the other forum last year, I came upon a post that Honag had made suggesting a Trait he called Friendship. I had some reservations about it, but, for some reason, after taking another look, something seemed to click and I got an idea (albeit a game mechanic sort of idea, but it might still work).

The way I'm starting to see it, there could be two unspecified properties that every girl has. These properties function similarly to Team Player in the respect that it requires that a girl be working in the same Building as certain other girls who share this connection; for lack of better words, I'm going to call them Friendship and Rivalry. When two girls share a Friendship and work in the same Building, they could either regenerate a little Morale every day or lose Morale a little more slowly, and a shared Rivalry instead gives a small bonus to Charisma, Sex and Constitution to both girls. I've got a bit more to this idea, but first I'd like to see what everyone thinks of it so far.

More copypasted girls. And I just realized that I forgot to include some actual numbers in Karen Erra's entry, so I should probably go back and fix that. And to all of these girls, for that matter. >.>

Vava wrote:Name: Aoi (Since she isn't one of the major characters to the series, I have no clue which episodes I should watch to get a good idea of what she's like. Therefore, everything I applied to her is based off of some interpretation I conceived roughly based around the traditional yuki-onna.)
Type: Buxom Babe/Monster (I don't know what her real measurements should be, but every picture I found gave her a fairly buxom build. Also, her skin is a pale... I think 'blue' in color, making her clearly not human.)
Charisma: Very High (90)
Sex: High (70)
Constitution: Average (45)
Obedience: Very Low (15)
Morale: Low (25)
Refinement: Average (55)
Management: None/Ground Swell/Shallow (*shrug* Was just kinda throwing things together, here...)
Theme(s): Nymphomaniac/Tease/Wild
Trait(s): Contrary, Ladylike, Splendid Body, Spoiled
Special: Ideas - (1) ... So, the idea went something like this. She's a yuki-onna, right? A spiritual embodiment of snow, ice and chilling cold? And you can imagine that having prolonged contact with her would leave you chilled/shivering/numb, right? Well, imagine that happening to a customer, and him quickly turning around and hiring another girl, skipping whatever practices take place before hand, in order to 'warm himself back up?' ... *cough* So, um, yeah, that was my idea...

Synopsis: I think she's interesting enough, even though her origins are pretty obscure as far as western audiences are concerned. Somewhere between mid and high-tier, I think...

Name: GH440 (The model number of the PM. They could be given defined names, but that would take away from a potential Special quality...)
Type: Homunculus (I wasn't sure if a Uniform Type could be applied to this series...)
Charisma: Average (50) (Not particularly cute or charming, but not off-putting.)
Sex: Average (45) (*shrug* Your guess is as good as mine, here.)
Constitution: Average (55) (CAST Ranger. They can take a hit, but not as well as if they were a Hunter.)
Obedience: High (65) (Partner Machines are loyal, no doubt, but I don't think their starting Obedience should be too high, ya know?)
Morale: Average (50) (Not demoralized; not overconfident. Maybe...)
Refinement: Low (30) (I placed this stat at Low in some vain attempt to create some distinction between the two PMs.)
Management: None/Housekeeper/Stickler or Train Wreck? (I don't think a PM should be placed in charge of Management, but I do believe they'd be excellent housekeepers and store managers (what else do they do when you're gone?). Train Wreck also seemed like a possibility, since, again, I don't think they'd be great leaders.)
Theme(s): Dedicated/Domestic/Volunteer? (The PMs were meant to be something akin to a personal assistant for Guardians, especially domestically, so these Themes are seemed to fit. Empowered didn't really feel as appropriate, though, since I think they would only really display such aggressiveness when on a mission...)
Trait(s): Smart (This only got put here 'cause it seemed to come to mind when looking at the description of this particular model.)
Special: Ideas - (1) Since you're supposed to name your Partner Machine/MySynth when you first get it, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to do such in this game (2) A potential bodyguard for when you walk around. Still, their protection can't compare to a trained bodyguard... (3) PMs/Synths manage your online store, personal storage space and room decoration functions. Perhaps they could prove themselves to be useful in that respect?

Name: GH450
Type: Homunculus/Mage
Charisma: Average (50) (As GH440.)
Sex: Low (35) (Another attempt to make them more distinct.)
Constitution: Low (30) (I placed this at Low to reflect her heavy TECHNIC usage and to add a little bit of variety between the two.)
Obedience: High (65) (As GH440. Although... Maybe it should be lower... *thinking of something personally witnessed in-game*)
Morale: Average (50) (As GH440.)
Refinement: High (65) (Again, distinction attempt.)
Management: None/Housekeeper/Stickler or Train Wreck? (As GH440.)
Theme(s): Dedicated/Domesitc/Volunteer? (As GH440.)
Trait(s): None? (*shrug* Nothing came to mind... Really.)
Special: Ideas - Same as GH440

Synopsis: Low-to-mid tier filler seems to be what came to mind. In the event that the third Special idea proves to be promising, though, their value might not be so easy to calculate...

Name: Mima
Type: Buxom Babe?/Mage/MiLF?/Monster (As always, Japanese artists like large breasts. The MiLF Type would only be applicable if she is to be considered the mother (or mentor) of Marisa, which is not a fact but a believable theory. She's also very capable with magic; again, Marisa may have studied under her. The Monster Type is obvious.)
Charisma: High (80) (A combination of personal prejudice and the belief that a long-lived spirit(?) would have tremendous power in its presence.)
Sex: Low (25) (Being incorporeal and evil for an extended period of time, I'd think she'd be out of practice. At the same time, I think her supernatural nature would keep it from plummeting to even lower levels.)
Constitution: Low (25) (Ghost.)
Obedience: Very Low (20) (A not-quite-evil spirit, but she has a great sense of mischief.)
Morale: High (70) (... She strikes me as being confident in herself, for some reason. Then again, if you were a timeless entity and survived for god-know's how long, I doubt you wouldn't have a little ego.)
Refinement: Average (60) (I think she's probably refined herself somewhat over the years, but not enough to be considered in the High range...)
Management: Coach/People Person/Well Respected (Based on the theory of her being Marisa's mentor.)
Theme(s): Adventurous/Outgoing/Worth It (A combination of my reasonings for Charisma, Obedience and Morale.)
Trait(s): Exhibitionist?, Experience, Lucky? (Experience was the only Trait that made perfect sense to me, but, for some reason, I felt inclined to add on the other two. I know my imagination has a reasoning to this, but I'm not quite sure what that is...)
Special: Ideas - (1) She's apparently an evil spirit who has existed for so long that she's lost the evil aspect of herself. One can imagine all the things a ghost could bring to the game... (2) Apparently, she commonly hassles Reimu and the Hakurei shrine... (3) Marisa's mentor? Her mother, maybe? Eh, they're ideas.

Synopsis: An interesting mid-to-high tier character, at least.

... Double-taking at those old posts, I should probably rearrange those stats.

I'm sorry for my lack of responsiveness. I finally procurred myself a copy of Super Robot Wars Z and just oh-my-GOD do I love it.

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Fleshing Out the Girls - Page 2 Empty Re: Fleshing Out the Girls

Post  Vava on June 27th 2011, 12:00 am

So, I probably should have gotten a message in sooner, but I'll be damned if I stop playing my latest SRW obsession any time soon. Anyway, from this Thursday 'till next Wednesday (a full week), I will be visiting relatives and without ready access to the internet. I understand that our progress is currently at a crawl, but I figured I might as well announce it.

Let's see if I can take another crack at this without resorting to mountains of text.

Name: Astaroth
Charisma: Average (45) (Some level of Charisma, but certainly not as to be appealing I would think.)
Sex: Average (60) (A demon, yes, but a demon of conquest.)
Constitution: Average (55) (This could be higher, but I prefer to differentiate physical strength with sexual endurance. A little bit, anyway.)
Obedience: Low (40) (Fairly high for a demon, I'd think.)
Morale: High (65) (I wasn't entirely sure, but I can easily see her as a confident sort.)
Refinement: Very Low (15) (Refinement doesn't command fiends; power does.)
Type(s): Buxom Babe?/Demon/MiLF? (She's typically portrayed with what I'd consider to be a large bust. I'm still just a tad confused on whether MiLF is to be taken literally or not, despite Al having explained it several times before, but I can clarify the reasoning later.)
Management: Coach/Driven/Hardcore (I don't think I'll try to explain Managments, anymore. Too much text.)
Theme(s): Empowered/Outgoing? (Empowered is obvious. Outgoing is based on a recurring meme in which she wears various t-shirts with questionable or scandalous sloganing.)
Trait(s): Exhibitionist?, Love Machine, Sex Addict, Tough (Love Machine and Sex Addict seemed to be given considering her being a demon, while Tough came from her militaristic aspect. Exhibitionist was... well, I wasn't certain of it, but I could imagine it, anyway.)
Special: Ideas - (1) Well, the biggest idea (and perhaps the only one) I have for Astaroth is incorporating her fanon parentage of Asmodeus. ... That is, if there are even enough pictures of Asmodeus to include her in the game, as well...

Synopsis: Leaning towards mid-tier, I think. An interesting character, but certain not Oiran-level material.

Name: Excellen Browning
Charisma: High (65) (She just seems to have this sense of appeal to people both ficticious and real.)
Sex: Very High (85) (She comes off as being rather familiar with this subject...)
Constitution: Average (50) (So-so. Not a fighter, but you need to stay in shape when you pilot high-mobility aerial ordinance.)
Obedience: Very Low (15) (Less of a disciplinary concern and more reflective of her playful nature. That, and I felt there needed to be something to balance her out a little.)
Morale: High (75) (She has her moments, but it's pretty hard to keep her down (at least from the outside...))
Refinement: Low (25) (Very casual, yes, but certain not crude.)
Type(s): Buxom Babe/Military Uniform (Yes, that's a uniform. Also, is it just me, or did she seem to grow one or two cup-sizes between Compact/Impact and Original Generation?)
Management: Campaigner/People Person/Promoter
Theme(s): Roleplayer?, Tease (A notorious flirt. Not sure if Roleplayer can apply, since the only other outfit that I can recall her canonically dressing in was as a bunnygirl.)
Trait(s): Friendly, Happy, Smile, Splendid Body (Earlier explanations clarify most of these. Splendid Body was based on some personal prejudices and the amount of fanart I've seen (she gets quite a bit for an SRW girl).)
Special: Ideas - (1) She was in a space shuttle accident when she was young, of which the only survivors were her and Kyousuke Nanbu. For some reason or another, these... things called 'Einst,' which were the original creators of the universe or something along those lines, took interest in this incident, and, noticing that Excellen would not survive, they reconstructed roughly 80% of her body with their matter in order to allow her to live. This is also what prompted the creation of her fully Einst clone, Alfimi, who is currently eligible for inclusion. (2) Looking back at my reasoning for Sex, I'm starting to picture her lecturing to her coworkers about... Huh. Trait idea.

Synopsis: I would intend to design her as a high-tier character, but she's lacking something that would make that apparent. Perhaps it's time to make rare, high-tier Traits?

Name: Yukari Yakumo
Charisma: High (70) (Partly personal prejudice, and partly the belief that her level of power can be physically felt.)
Sex: High (80) (You learn a lot over those couple hundred years of stagnation... >.>)
Constitution: Average (45) (I can't vouch for her physical condition, but I don't think it would be too out of shape.)
Obedience: Non-Existent (10) (She's honestly only going to be following your orders because that's what she feels like doing.)
Morale: Low (40) (Not demoralized, but all that sleep certainly can't make you feel that energetic when awake.)
Refinement: High (65) (She certainly has a regal air about her, and it probably helped a lot back when she was leading all those other youkai.)
Type(s): Buxom Babe/High Class Lady?/Youkai? (All the 'baba' characters tend to be buxom. I'm not exactly sure if High Class Lady could be applicable, since she does not appear to have any formal titles or anything, but it's worth mentioning.)
Management: Agent/Shallow/Uniform Standard
Theme(s): Empowered/Worth It (Both themes go hand in hand with being one of the oldest and most powerful youkai around.)
Trait(s): Excellent Reputation?, Experienced, Ladylike, Renown?, Rest (Rest is fairly obvious considering how much she sleeps. I was uncertain about Excellent Reputation and Renown, but they seemed to strike a cord with me. Again, she's not exactly an immediately recognizable dignitary, but she seems to portray a sense of nobility that would qualify for Ladylike. Lastly, Experience was given, again, because you would think such a long existence would lead to a venerable amount of knowledge.)
Special: Ideas - (1) She is a youkai of boundaries. Vague, yes, but, in a fantasy setting like Mioya, you can only imagine just how much is kept hidden from the eyes (and predations) of man.

Synopsis: Leaning towards high-tier, but, again, it feels like something is missing...

Well... I think I used a fair amount less text, but I can't say for sure from where I'm sitting, what with being confined and subjected to the impairing limitations of my physical body and all. >.>

Ending Note: Need to think up some high-tier Traits...

Ending Note (to Self): Need to think up a name for a Trait for girls who can increase the rate at which their coworkers gain Sex experience...

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