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Post  Blastburn on January 28th 2010, 1:18 pm

Hmmm, so i had a stroke of genius... or maybe just a stroke, but here's my idea. Each of us will write down anywhere from a sentence to a paragraph and progress a story along each one of s putting in a piece to the story until it is finished. Afterward we might have a feasible story line for the Sim Brothel game.

of course you know with every person who changes it something else will be added and taken away from the story but in this way we can all contribute to the story of the game we are all here because we like. what do you say?

Ill Start:
The first day of summer, I (the Protagonist) decided i was going to spend my day by the river, it'd been busy lately trying to find myself a job and quite honestly i just wanted to take today to relax. Walking to the river i passed by this Old Shack for sale, it'd be the perfect place to open a small shop of some sort... but that was a thing for another time, first i had to get a job... or start a business... or something but these were musings for another day, today i was going to relax by the river. Sitting alone on the banks of the river i sat and watched the ducks swim by, i could also hear off in the far distance sounds of a conversation i couldn't quite make out... i don't know why but i felt compelled to listen in closer. Inching ever closer to them and hiding behind a shrub i sat as 3 immaculate girls spoke to each other of needing to prove themselves worthy in the "human world"... i didnt understand then what they were speaking of but they were saying they were being tasked with helping a human to achieve a dream.

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