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Post  Raed on November 30th 2009, 8:27 pm

These are the suggestions that have been currently posted, as well as all the girls that have been put up for request. Please help fill out all the remaining info and add to this list. Green equals mod comments.


Joker Graphics - Cards to symbolize the Jokers.
Girl Cards - In the same style as the Jokers.
Map - One has been submitted and just needs to be coded. (Submitted maps still accepted.)
Music - Some songs have been uploaded.
Daily building report images
- The popular request is to see more girls, or random girls.
New Day Image - The screen at the start of a new day is currently white.
Quicker movement of girls between buildings - On the management screen, either make it so when there are no girls selected the one first moves, or so a girl that is double clicked is moved.
Increased Game Limit - Possibly raise day limit to 365, 500, 1000, optional, and to make an unlimited mode.
Organization of Girls List - Choose between listing by alphabetical order, building, rank, stats, and theme. (when one theme is implemented)
Management Window -
Display each girls rank and make them organizable.
Holidays - Such as Festivals, or Valentine's day.
Scroll bar - On the daily building reports, the info box has too much info and needs a scroll bar
Code Geass Style - As opposed to the Tenchi Muyo style, makes all girls work.
One Theme per girl -
Girls be limited to only one theme, as opposed to the three max they have now.
In game contact info - A link to the forums in game, or a form to easily find information and submit bugs.
Advertisement Slider - Set to have a higher cap and more options.(i.e.0-10-20-50-100-200) or something like that.
Building upgrades -

  • Furniture

  1. Wardrobe
  2. Waterfall/Fountain - High teir buildings only

  • Rooms

  1. Bar - Small profit from all customers
  2. Garden - High tier buildings only
  3. Opium Room -
  4. Dungeon - Sadomasochism rooms that increase obedience
  5. Gambling room - Source of income
  6. Kitchen - nyotaimori (Aka body sushi) /Apron girls?
  7. Hot Springs - Relaxation (Increased recovery rate)
Take A Walk - Main character (goddess chosen in the beginning) goes for a walk to chosen destination.

  • Ideas

  1. Finding girls with certain themes at certain places. - Such as finding a Nymphomaniac at the slums or a Noble at the palace.
  2. New places open up with new buildings - If you only own Old Shack, you can only visit the slums, but if you own Palace, you can visit the Palace. I think that the old shack should be in the forest and the house should be in the slums, as the forest is away from the town, so it wouldn't get many customers, and the other buildings don't make sense to be in the forest.

  • Places - and affiliations based on idea 1.

  1. Slums - Nymphomaniac
  2. Forest - Cat Girl
  3. Gym/ Dojo? - Tough
  4. Palace - Noble

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