Brothel Managers?

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Brothel Managers? Empty Brothel Managers?

Post  Zexion on December 13th 2009, 3:04 am

I was playing through and hit a lot of lag once it began compiling the results for each girl's result and came up with an idea to reduce the need for the many calculations. The lag increases once you have more then twenty-five girls at times. What happens if we set up managers for each house to work while we are focusing on a different house? Maybe each house becomes limited to 20 girls each? The manager would store the average girl's price and multiply it against the number served as one calculation rather then 20 smaller ones that are referenced every day.

These managers would have their own orders, such as:
Work on Appearance - To increase the girls' appearance
Work on Skills - To increase the girls' sexual skills
Set up Exorcise Routine - To increase the girl's constitution
Enforce Discipline - To increase obedience

To save on power, rather then each day these stats being added, they will only be added once you return for an inspection. With the addition of only personally directing 10-20 girls at a time, more complicated functions could be added. Well this was just my 2cent, hope to hear what others think about it.


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Brothel Managers? Empty Re: Brothel Managers?

Post  palatyi on December 20th 2009, 2:07 am

Since the game is being rewritten I think the chance is pretty low that that same performance bug will appear again. Your manager concept does seem to suggest ways to reduce user effort, which I like.


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